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Voters Services Committee issues a CALL TO ACTION

LWVIN | Published on 7/31/2020

Voter Services Committee issues a Call For Action -NO-EXCUSE ABSENTEE BALLOTS

In this time of COVID-19, LWV members advocate for safe voting. Hoosiers should not be asked to choose between exercising their right to vote and risking their health. 

NO-EXCUSE ABSENTEE BALLOT should be available to all registered voters.  This decision cannot be delayed; doing so endangers the election process and will result in confusion and lost votes. 


The decision to waive the requirement of an excuse on the absentee ballot application rests in the hands of the STATE Election Commission.  

1. Please contact the Indiana Election Commission.   email:

2. Contact Governor Eric Holcomb’s office to voice your support for a NO-EXCUSE ABSENTEE BALLOT:

  Governor Holcomb
  200 W. Washington St., Rm. 206
  Indianapolis, IN  46204
  Phone: 317-232-4567    Governor’s contact page.

3. Contact the Secretary of State Connie Lawson to voice support for a NO-EXCUSE ABSENTEE BALLOT.

  Office of the Indiana Secretary of State
  200 W. Washington St., Room 201
  Indianapolis, IN 46204
  Phone: 317-232-6531     E-mail:


Once you have contacted decision makers, please… Share this information with AT LEAST three other people and ask them to contact the Indiana Election Commission, Governor Holcomb, and Secretary of State Lawson.  This triples our impact.

Phone script or postcard: “Hello, I am ________ from ________ and a member of the League of Women Voters.  I am asking you to support giving all voters the option of voting by mail using a NO-EXCUSE REQUIRED ABSENTEE BALLOT, just like in the Primary. The Coronavirus makes it dangerous for many of our citizens to vote in person. Poll workers are reluctant to volunteer to work and endanger their health which will result in fewer polling places, longer lines, and extended wait times.  I am asking ______ to stand up for our democracy and make sure voters can vote safely. Thank you. 

Message for email or letter:  I am asking you to support giving Hoosiers the option of casting by mail a NO-EXCUSE ABSENTEE BALLOT.  It is critical that voters in November are not faced with the choice of exercising their right to vote or protecting their health. COVID-19 will remain a threat until a vaccine is found and is available to the public.  Unfortunately, that will not occur by November; therefore, Indiana’s leaders must act NOW to ensure ALL voters have the SAFE option of casting their ballot by mail. This option was available to voters during the Primary and must be an option during the General Election. 

Leaders cannot delay this decision. County clerks need time to plan and put in place the structures and resources necessary to guarantee a smooth election. 

Partisan arguments and the false narrative of voter fraud cannot be allowed to determine whether Hoosiers have a safe voting option in the General Election. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, “Mail ballot fraud is incredibly rare, and legitimate security concerns can be easily addressed.”  Claims by the White House that “people cheat with mail-in voting” is a fraudulent excuse, and if it is used to deter states from approving a statewide mail in ballot option in November, “they will be deadly wrong.” (

Do not create long lines increasing the danger of transmission, and do not disenfranchise voters by failing to protect the voters’ ability to vote without risk to their health. Please take the necessary action to make sure all Hoosiers have the option to vote safe using a NO-EXCUSE BALLOT.  Ensure a fair vote in November.  Thank you.  

[When you sign your name, include the name of your League.]

Information Provided by the LWVIN Voter Services Committee