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Campaign Finance Reports FAQ's

"Q:" I cannot find a report in League's database. Where is it?
"A:" There are two explanations for this. First, the report may have been filed after the date the League requested copies of campaign finance reports. Contact the Lake County Board of Elections at 219-755-3795 to check if a report missing in our database was filed. If the election board has a copy, you can request it from them or wait until a copy is uploaded on to the League's website. We make several requests throughout the year and update our database accordingly. Or, the candidate may have disbanded the committee.

"Q:" I know of a local organization that has a PAC, but its campaign finance report is not in your system. Why not and where can I find it?
"A:" PAC's that donate to candidates for both state and local offices are required to file with the State Election Division. (PAC's that do file with the state are not required to file with the local election board. That's why it may not be in our database.) You can search the State's Political Action Committee database here. The State used to compile a list of PAC's but ceased doing so in 2011 when it added PAC search to its campaign finance database. A copy of the 2011 list can be viewed here.

"Q:" I see several reports filed by a candidate each year such as "Pre-Primary Report, Pre-Election Report, or Annual Report." What do these mean?
"A:" Candidates are required to file reports throughout each year in accordance with the State's filing schedule. View a summary of reporting deadlines at 2016-2017 reporting deadlines. The complete Election Calendar Administrators Manual contains detailed information about filing requirements including legal citations.

"Q:" How can I find detailed information about Indiana's campaign finance and election rules?
"A:" Go to the Indiana Election Division or refer to the Indiana Campaign Finance Manual.

Contact the League's webmaster using the link below with other questions. We're an all-volunteer organziation, so please allow 48 hours for a response. Thank you.