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Where do candidates get their money from? How do they spend it?

Using the Campaign Finance database: This site provides direct access to Lake County Indiana Campaign Finance Reports and links to State and Federal websites for access to those candidates' reports.

Campaign finance reports are submitted to different government entities depending on the office sought by the candidate, or in the case of Political Action Committees (PAC's), the candidate to whom contributions were made. For example, candidates running for Federal offices such as President, Vice-President, Congress or Senate file their campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. Candidates seeking State offices such as Governor, Secretary of State, State Representative, or State Senate file reports with the State of Indiana Election Division.

You can use the following links to review candidate filings, and search using various criteria for data on State and National candidates.

Federal Election Commission (Candidates, Parties, PAC's, and Donors to Federal office)

State of Indiana Election Division. (Candidates, Parties, PAC's, and Donors to State office):

Lake County Campaign Finance Reports: Lake County Reports

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